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Comic fanzines and comic magazines

Two areas of collecting that we haven’t touched upon much in this blog are the old comic fanzines and comic magazines. Both took off in the sixties and are now highly collectible, and in the case of most of the fanzines, quite rare as well. Some of the greatest silver and bronze age artists contributed to these things, Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, etc. Here a dealer takes us on a journey back in time with a generous showcase of his collection, including the very first comic fanzine from 1965, “Beyond Infinity”:


And here is the latest edition of the bible of fanzine collectors, the 2010 edition of Dale’s Comic Fanzine Price Guide:

from http://www.woodcrestproductions.com/print.html

Dale’s Comic Fanzine Price Guide
For decades, there have been guides for comic books, toys, premiums, and other related collectibles, and recently a great updated price guide for Underground Comix. There are guides for nearly every facet of comic book collecting. But until now, there has never been a true, complete guide decicated to fan-based and information-based comic-related publications, collectively called Fanzines.

Dale’s Comic Fanzine Price Guide is the first and only comprehensive price and information guide for comics fanzines and comic related publications!

The Guide was created to address this part of the market that has been largely ignored by many dealers and the big price guides, but nevertheless has a growing and significant number of collectors:

As research began on the Guide, it became apparent that there was a lot more to the Fanzine side of comic collectibles than was originally thought. A wide range of publications fall under this umbrella, including price guides and checklists, indexes, historical books, “Art of” type books that spotlight a particular artist, true fan-based publications (such as older ditto and mimeographed fanzines) published by non-professionals, some of whom would go on to become comic professionals, and the so-called “Prozines”, which would include magazines like Comic Book Marketplace, FOOM, Amazing Heroes, and many others.

The Guide includes a variety of information on fanzines and publications about comics including:


  • Notations of key artists and issues
  • Early, previously unknown pre-professional work by key artists such as Perez, Miller, Byrne, Starlin, Kaluta and many more
  • Over 250 covers of all types of publications
  • The entire range of publications about comics is covered including fanzines/prozines, magazines, books, guides, indexes, encyclopedias, histories and more!

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