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I’m getting all the Japanese Godzilla movies. Not just the old bw movies directed by Inoshiro Honda, but also the later color extravaganzas.
So far I’ve got six of those flaming fantasies of urban destruction. In Japan you can get man-size plastic Godzilla figures. That would be nice for the hall. I’m sure there is a little moral message or political statement snuck into those old Gojira movies from the ’50s.
I’ve seen the American Godzilla film from about ten years ago. Not really all that good, was it Roland Emmerich who helmed it? But when I’m done with the Japanese Gojira movies, I can always pick up the Hollywood Godzilla.
And of course I bought Stephen Bissette’s Godzilla comic book back in the ’80s. I bought it new because I sensed it was my duty as a fan. A dream would be for Stephen Bissette to draw a story where Swamp Thing meets Godzilla. Well, they are both sort of greenish, aren’t they? Which sounds more terrific: “Godzilla” or “Gojira”? I vote for the Japanese pronunciation “Gojira”; you don’t really want to take on any living creature with a name like THAT!!!

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