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IDW genoptrykker Gyldenspjæt

IDW genoptrykker Gyldenspjæt

Fra http://comics.gearlive.com/comix411/article/q308-qa-dean-mullaney-on-noel-sickles-milton-caniff-and-eclipse-comics/ får vi bekræftet at Dean Mullaney og IDW planlægger at genoptrykke Bringing up Father (Gyldenspjæt), med søndagssiderne i farver! Og NBM er også snart ude med en Gyldenspjæt bog. Det er gyldne tider.

Sunday January 11, 2009 2:21 pm
Q&A: Dean Mullaney on Noel Sickles, Milton Caniff and Eclipse Comics
 Buzz up!Posted by Tom Mason

TOM:  What are the next books coming up?

DEAN:  Bruce Canwell and I are finishing up the final two “Terry” books, and working on the next few volumes of “Little Orphan Annie.” Then, I’m taking over as editor and designer of IDW’s “Dick Tracy” with volume 7—just in time to play in the sandbox with BB Eyes, Pruneface, Flattop, Mrs. Pruneface, The Mole, and the heyday of Chester Gould’s gallery of grotesque rogues. After that, I have “The Complete Rip Kirby” by Alex Raymond which we’re shooting from syndicate proofs (!) and the official “Bringing Up Father“ with the Sunday pages in color.

Sounds like a great couple of years to look forward to. Thanks, Dean and good luck. For updates on Dean’s stuff, check out the IDW website.

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