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Sheldon Mayer's Sugar and Spike #54 (Aug-Sept 1964)

To celebrate the first publication of Sugar and Spike Archives by the great Sheldon Mayer, we’ll take a look at a typical issue of that fabled kids’ comic classic. The concept was very simple, but effective: Sugar and Spike are two children who communicate with each other through baby talk… so no adults can understand what they say to each other. But the kids can’t understand anything the adults say either, giving rise to some very funny situations. Please enjoy this issue of Sugar and Spike, #54 from Aug-Sept 1964, and if you like what you see, write to DC and ask for more of this infantile goo-goo goodness. Notice that Sheldon Mayer signs his name on the cover followed by the letters NCS, can only mean National Cartoonists’ Society, can it not?














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