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Få lavet fonte – GRATIS!

Det udemærkede site YourFonts.com excellerer i at lave fonte baseret på brugerens egen håndskrift er i gavehumør den 23/1- som man kan læse af nedenstående pressemedelelse…

On January 23, 2012 YourFonts.com celebrates National Handwriting Day. Why don’t you join us and make a personal handwriting font for free?

So what is National Handwriting Day?
Well, we are not sure but we think the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) initiated it to remind us all of the importance and power of handwriting. The date refers to the birthday of John Hancock (January 23, 1737) as he was the first to sign the United States Declaration of Independence.

 Even with modern technology we still use our handwriting, and with our online font generation service you can combine the best of both worlds!
Use the special National Handwriting Day coupon that allows you to make as many fonts as you like for FREE! Of course the coupon can only be used during National Handwriting Day; January 23, 2012.

Use coupon CPN4NHD2012 when you check out and receive your font for free! http://www.yourfonts.com

 Remember to use this coupon when you check out: CPN4NHD2012
This offer is only valid January 23, 2012, but you can already download and fill out the template: http://www.yourfonts.com/print.html

Having your very own personal font is great, so if you think your friends will like their own handwriting font for free, do forward this message to them!

Thanks a lot — enjoy your fonts!
The YourFonts Team


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